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Leadership & Office Staff

Mrs E Robinson


Mrs K Smith

School Business Manager

Miss S Debenham

Senior Teacher

Mrs C Sturt

Office Administrator

Staff as Learners

We endeavour to encourage a love of lifelong learning. This involves engaging children at a young age in wanting to find out about the world in which they live, however it also encompasses staff. The aim will be to create a ‘hub’ of learning, not just for the children but for everyone here at Nutley CE Primary School.

Please see the school News page for further details on the learning activities our staff have been attending.

Teaching Staff

Mr R Wadey

Rabbit Class Teacher 


Mr S Brown

Fox Class Teacher

Years 3 & 4

Mr R Wadey


Mrs L Colbourne

Cover Supervisor

Key Stage 1

Mrs J Marshall

Teaching Assistant Fox Class

Office Administrator

Ms A Bristow

Teaching Assistant Hedgehog Class

Miss S Debenham

Hedgehog Class Teacher

Years 1 & 2

Miss A Marshall

Badger Class Teacher

Years 5 & 6

Mrs K Milne

Cover Teacher

Key Stage 2

Mrs J Shearer

Teaching Assistant Badger Class

Thrive Practitioner

Mrs M Wood

Teaching Assistant Rabbit Class

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