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Rabbit Class

For children aged 5

Class Teacher: Mr Wadey

Cover Supervisor: Ms Colbourne

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Wood

The Early Years: Reception

A large part of the first few weeks in Rabbit Class are spent making sure the children have settled into their new school. This includes becoming familiar with the daily routines of the class, meeting all of the teachers and staff, learning the layout of the school and how to get around, as well as visiting the local church and library. Learning through play is an important part of the class ethos, either through child-initiated learning or through adult-directed teaching. A stimulating learning environment is provided inside the classroom and in their own outdoor area. The children are introduced to learning songs and games which prepare them for learning an important part of the curriculum: phonics. In phonics lessons, the children learn how each letter of the alphabet makes a sound and how these sounds blend together to make words. They learn how to read and write tricky words too - those that we can't read or write using our phonic knowledge. Maths is also taught daily using equipment such as Numicon, Numberblocks, Tens Frames or through games and cross-curricular activities. Rabbit Class work closely with Hedgehog Class to ensure a smooth transition to Year 1.

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