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How to help your child learn number-facts

We would like to recommend the following websites:

Addition and Subtraction Facts


Your child will enjoy learning counting, knowing number bonds and remembering addition and subtraction facts by using our recommended learning platform, NUMBOTS. Please find out more by clicking the link below. Your child will need their login details to access the site: 


Multiplication and division facts

Children are expected to know all their times tables by the end of Year 4, when they take the government Multiplication Check. Would you like to know more about which times tables your child is expected to learn and how you can help them? Click on these links to find out:

Your child will enjoy practising their times tables using an online gaming platform called TIMES TABLES ROCKSTARS. We will provide your child with a username and password. To log in, click the link below:

Other useful maths websites:



KS1 & 2:

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