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Science is one of the core subjects of The National Curriculum. At Nutley CE Primary, we provide children with opportunities to develop their natural curiosity. We encourage our children to appreciate that science is a way of understanding the world we live in.

The children will develop the skills of scientific investigation and exploration in a variety of contexts.  By the time the children have reached the later years at our school, we hope they will be able to set up and carry out their own scientific investigations involving the posing of questions, designing and carrying out experiments, coping with difficulties, answering the questions posed and presenting their information and findings appropriately.


Science is taught weekly at Nutley CE Primary and links are made wherever possible with other subjects. Teachers plan using the Kent Scheme of Work to ensure coverage of the National Curriculum and also the progression of skills and knowledge. There are clear end of year expectations for each Year Group based on the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.


Nutley children will have a knowledge of scientists of the past and will also consider themselves as having the potential to be a scientist of the future! They will have a broad science knowledge and will have developed their scientific enquiry skills to transition to secondary school curriculum with confidence.

Click here to see the Progression in Science.

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