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Autumn Term 2
Fox Class have sewn brilliant Nativity decorations in RE.  We are so proud of our skills!
We have ended our 'Forces of Nature' topic with making volcanoes. We used the technique of papier mache to build the structure and then painted them. Then, we used baking powder and vinegar to make them erupt! 
In science, we have been exploring different forces. We have now started to look at electrical force and have made our own circuits!
We have continued our Forces of Nature topic by looking at earthquakes!
We made our own seismographs and acted out an earthquake.
Mrs Hind has been teaching us Yoga! We have really enjoyed our sessions with her.
We were very lucky to have Chartwells come and teach us how to make our very own pizzas! We had great fun creating our pizzas and got to take them home to eat.
Home Learning from Autumn Term 1
We completed some fantastic homework as part of our Stone Age Topic!
Autumn 1
We had an awesome time as we travelled back 2.5 million years ago…into the Stone Age! We had become lost from our main clan and had to prepare for a night in the woods. We made shelters, camp fires and learnt about the food that was eaten in the Stone Age. We then made our own leather pouches and clay pots. We also got the chance to knap flint. This meant that we could create a sharp stone to use as a tool! We had a great day.
Wow…what amazingly different Stone Age houses the children have made! We had caves, stone houses and wooden houses. The children used different materials and joining techniques to create a Stone Age house.


We have continued to learn how to control our bodies in our gymnastic work. We were very excited to use the climbing bars! We were fantastic at being safe and enjoyed working at a height. We learnt how to change our body position and where to place our hands and feet, in order to neotiate the equipment!


We have continued our Stone Age learning by researching and painting Stone Age animals!



As part of our Stone Age topic, we have produced our own cave art.  Together we looked at the reason cave art existed and took a virtual tour round Lascaux, the famous caves in France.  Working vertically outside, we experienced how hard it must have been for cave artists and we even decorated the school walls outside with hunting scenes.  Fox Class had a lot of fun with this learning.



We have been busy in our gymnastic lessons learning different movements. We have learnt the v-sit, the bridge and the shoulder sit. We have then explored moving and applying some of these movements. 


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