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Welcome to Fox Class! 
Fox Class have written some fantastic excuse letters that have been sent today to Mrs Peasgood.  Everyone made their own envelopes and their ideas were FABULOUS!!  We are sure they are going to make Mrs Peasgood laugh a lot.  Keep up the brilliant work Fox Class.
Today we looked at landmarks around the world, zooming in and out using Google Earth!  We followed the trail that Michael, the character in Dear Teacher took, and then made our own models of what Michael might have seen or where he might go next.  Everyone displayed great co-operation and imagination.
Academic Year 2019-2020
Hot Stuff 2!
Following on from last week, we repeated our hot drink experiment to ensure our results were accurate.  We found that foil was the best insulator, foam sheeting came a close second, with bubble wrap coming last.
Hot Stuff
Which material keeps the drink the hottest?  To find this out, the children wrapped their cups in different materials and took temperatures over a period of time.  They then worked out the temperature change and used this to decide on the best material to insulate their cups.
Spudtacular Science!
Using just a plastic bag, rubber band, potatoes and eventually a ruler, the class had to find out which was their heaviest potato.  Then they were given a 100g weight and had to prove if their potato was heavier or lighter than 100g and work out how to find 500g of potatoes.  Together we analysed our results and picked up any anomalies to work out why they were there.  Accurate measuring Fox Class, well done!
Sweet Science
Fox Class showed that they were sensational scientists this week!  They were given the task to find out which type of sugar dissolved the quickest.  After talking about how to make a fair test, the children measured water, sugar and time as they carried out the experiments in small groups.
Afterwards, they analysed their results. Their accurate timing and recording shows how well they are working scientifically.
In Fox Class we have been measuring time using the stopwatch app on the iPads.  We are learning how to use equipment accurately.  Activities included writing the alphabet, doing starjumps and taking jumpers on and off!
Our Egyptian museum was AWESOME!!  What a showcase of all the amazing topic work which has happened in Fox Class this term.  We know all our visitors, parents and the whole school,  appreciated the childrens' hard work.  Well done Fox Class and a big well done to all the adults who put the museum together.  Mr Baptie definitely enjoyed his time in his sarcophagus!
Fox Class learned how important the papyrus plant was to the Ancient Egyptians.  They used it for food, rope, boats, sandals and, of course, they made paper.  We followed the technique to make our own paper.  It was very messy, but a great learning experience!


Fox Class have been learning how important death and the afterlife were to the Ancient Egyptians.  After learning all about sarcophagi and the symbolism used in the designs, everyone designed their own using 3 memorable events and 3 predictions for the future.  The Ba and the Ka needed to find their way back to the right sarcophagus every night.  So Fox Class ensured their names were written in hieroglyphs in a cartouche.  
As part of our music unit called Rocky the Findosaur, we have been learning about the ringing rocks in Pennsylvania and making rhythms with stones.  During Forest School we also collected sticks to make our own version of Aboriginal clapping sticks called Bilma.
Autumn Term 1
We have explored how to muffle sound. We worked in teams to make ear protectors and then evaluate what knowledge we learnt from the task. We learnt that the layers of material slow the vibrations down and muffle the sound. This helps to protect our ears from loud noises!


In Jigsaw we have been learning about how groups come together to make decisions.  As teams, we tried to make the tallest spaghetti tower that would hold a domino.  And it was a lot harder than we thought!


We are exploring contrasting movements and dynamics. In groups, we have been rehearsing sequences using the apparatus to show high or low movements.
Herstmonceux Science Centre!

Discovery Park



Hands on Exhibitions



Water Park



Bridge Building



Sound Workshop



We had an amazing time exploring the Discovery Park and hands-on science activities. We discussed the sound activities and then had a fantastic 'Astounding Sound' workshop. We have come back to class and used this new knowledge to help in our science learning.



Fox Class have been making positivity mirrors.  Comments like 'I will brighten up someone's day', 'be a good friend', 'I am amazing' and 'smile and laugh today' remind us to treat ourselves and others with respect.
We are very lucky to have Mr Dove teach us our Monday PE lesson this year! This term we will be improving our football skills. We have started to look at different ways to dribble the ball.

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