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Welcome to Fox Class! 
Academic Year 2019-2020
Autumn Term 1
We are very lucky to have Mr Dove teach us our Monday PE lesson this year! This term we will be improving our football skills. We have started to look at different ways to dribble the ball.
Academic Year 2018-2019
Summer Term 2
As part of our RE learning about Hinduism, Fox Class took part in a special hour long session of yoga.  They learned lots of new poses and tried hard to connect their mind and body.  As you can see, we also had a lot of fun!
We are currently doing Forest School. Please go to our Forest School diary using the Forest School tab to find out more!
Summer Term 1
Terrific  Torans
Fox Class have been hard at work in RE.  Each child has designed and sewn part of a toran whilst learning about Hinduism.  A toran is hung over doorways when there is a special celebration or festival.  It may have the OM sign on it which is the symbol of Hinduism and every prayer is started with the OM chant to help people concentrate on the god they are praying to.  A toran also has marigolds on it as they are the most spiritual flower and we have included an elephant as we are learning about Ganesh, the elephant headed god.
Thank you Mrs Scott, Mrs Miller and Mrs Marshall and her marvellous sewing skills for helping to make the torans.  Well done Fox Class, you are sewing stars!
Watch the website for photographs of the completed torans.
In science, we are learning all about plants and the different function each part plays. We have carried out an investigation to see if water is transported up the stem and how long this takes.
Spring Term 2
We had a great day of orienteering with Alex (our instructor). We learnt all about maps and how to use them correctly. We then applied this new knowledge in our first Forest School session!
We have been learning how to draw portraits. We will be building up to drawing a self-portrait with shading and colour. 
Spring Term 1
Visit to Nutley Windmill
As part of our topic, we visited Nutley Windmill to find out more about this important part of our local history. Brian gave us a tour inside the mill and we also sketched it from the outside. We even got to grind our own flour!
Sweet Science
Faced with a Smartie, a Skittle and a Polo, we came up with everything we wanted to find out about these sweets!  So today, we conducted eight experiments.  They involved dissolving in different liquids and temperatures, colour changing, setting alight and a survey on our favourites.  Fox Class used their scientific skills of observation and fair testing.  We also had to taste the variety of flavours, for purely scientific reasons as well!
We were cool dudes and took part in a fun skateboarding session. We jumped on and off the board and performed tricks!
In science, we are learning how to gather and record results. We conducted a paper plane experiment to see which desing flew the furthest. We recorded the measurments in a table.  
Perseverance Puzzles
This term, our value is perseverance. We have been taking part in lots of activities to build up our stickability! We worked well in pairs to complete a range of jigsaw puzzles. 
Autumn Term 2
Fox Class have sewn brilliant Nativity decorations in RE.  We are so proud of our skills!
We have ended our 'Forces of Nature' topic with making volcanoes. We used the technique of papier mache to build the structure and then painted them. Then, we used baking powder and vinegar to make them erupt! 
In science, we have been exploring different forces. We have now started to look at electrical force and have made our own circuits!
We have continued our Forces of Nature topic by looking at earthquakes!
We made our own seismographs and acted out an earthquake.
Mrs Hind has been teaching us Yoga! We have really enjoyed our sessions with her.
We were very lucky to have Chartwells come and teach us how to make our very own pizzas! We had great fun creating our pizzas and got to take them home to eat.

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