Willow Class

Our topic for this term is the 'Unsinkable Titanic'.  We have been locating the seas of the world and looking at the route the Titanic was supposed to take from Southampton to New York.  
We have researched, designed and created a range of rooms that would have been on the Titanic.  We each made our own in a shoe box to create a cross section of the liner.




Following our trip to Fishbourne, we made our own mosaics.  Using small tiles we designed our pattern and then grouted it.  After cleaning, our mosaics were revealed.


We started our topic of Romans with a visit to the fabulous Fishbourne Roman Palace.  We looked at amazing mosaics and learned about some of the jobs which servants had to undertake.



This term our topic is 'Feeling hot, hot, hot!.  We will be looking at rainforests around the world, comparing the different animal that live there.
As part of our jungle topic, we have been using two colours to show contrast in our leaf printing as a progression from our last lesson.



Getting ready for the burial of the pharaoh


The Mummification




We transformed the classroom into the inside of a pyramid.  We then wrote secret messages in hieroglyphics.



We created pyramids using different materials.




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