Willow Forest Diary

Week 5

We continued this week with our mapping of the area, making hurdles and dissecting owl pellets.  Different bones were found including a small bird and the jawbone of a shrew.  Our resident David Attenborough (Toby) carried on looking for mushrooms to add to his list of finds!  We ended the session with the ever popular game of predator, hiding in the taller than us.





Week 4

This week's activities were very varied and included: mapping our forest area and naming key features, drilling into fallen logs, making hurdles and closely inspecting owl pellets!  We tried hard to work out which creatures the bones had come from.  Well done to Toby for finding and correctly identifying the witches butter fungus.




Week 3

Another great week on the forest.  We started by playing a game called 'Bat and Moth'.  The 'bat' was blindfolded and had to locate the 'moths'.



We practised our skills of hiding!



We had great fun designing and building our mini shelters.



After all that excitement, we had a lie down in the hammock!





Week 2


We had a fantastic time making fire using flint and steel!  Firstly, we set the cotton wool alight and then used twigs the size of matchsticks to keep the fire burning.  We then used sticks that were gradually bigger and bigger.




Week 1 

We really enjoyed our first Forest School session where we explored the mini beasts in the forest.  We also made our own shelters that were tested with water!  




We found a lot of different bugs and fungi which we will try and identify.



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