Staff as Learners

Staff as Learners

At Nutley CE Primary School, we endeavour to encourage a love of lifelong learning. This involves engaging children at a young age in wanting to find out about the world in which they live, however it also encompasses staff. The aim will be to create a ‘hub’ of learning, not just for the children but for everyone at Nutley CE Primary School.


Spring Term


 Mr Baptie has begun his NPQSL course. This is a course which develops leadership skills and will contribute to improving our children's learning. If you are interested in finding out more, then Mr Baptie would be delighted to share his learning! 


We have started this term by having an INSET at Manor Primary School. Lots of the local schools took part in professional development focusing on how to develop children's thinking in order to help writing skills. This half term we will be exploring how we can use a mindfulness approach and thinking activities to help children increase their confidence across the curriculum.

Please copy and paste the below address  to go to the website for mindfulness:

Autumn Term

Miss Debenham is currently undertaking a leadership course. The NPQML training is designed to extend the knowledge and expertise of leaders. The course enables leaders to manage and lead effectively to have an impact on the whole school and high expectations of learning for all pupils. One of the key areas for the NPQML for Miss Debenham has been to improve the provision and opportunities within PE at Nutley School.

Last academic year Miss Debenham asked all the teachers what they thought their areas of development were in PE. The overwhelming area we all felt we needed further development in was dance!

The children will be participating in dance lessons led by a skilled practitioner with the class teacher joining in and observing.

This will help improve our confidence and teaching of a sequence of dance lessons. 

As a church school, we are now following the 'Understanding Christianity' scheme as part of our Religious Education curriculum. Mrs Milne delivered a fantastic staff meeting on the scheme, which will really help our children progress in their understanding of key concepts. 


Congratulations to Miss Villa for completing her first full year as a Primary School Teacher!  She achieved eveything and more in her NQT year.  Miss Villa has taken part in lots of professional development and learnt lots along the way.  Like all of us, she will continue to learn and develop next year building on the successes she has had.

Believe, Achieve, Succeed!


Below are links to articles, research and websites we have found useful as a staff or have led to discussions about certain topics.  Not all of us will agree with the views of those who have written some of the articles but they do provide a good stimulus for discussion and thinking.

If you feel like you have a view on any of the topics, then please feel free to let us know!


As part of whole school training, we will be exploring the Thrive approach on our first INSET back in September 2017. Please click the link below to find out more!

The Thrive Approach


Below is a link regarding dyscalculia. An interesting read and some good strategies to help those who find number concepts difficult to understand and retain.


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