Staff as Learners

Staff as Learners

At Nutley CE Primary School, we endeavour to encourage a love of lifelong learning. This involves engaging children at a young age in wanting to find out about the world in which they live, however it also encompasses staff. The aim will be to create a ‘hub’ of learning, not just for the children but for everyone at Nutley CE Primary School.


Autumn Term 2 2020/21

All staff completed Child Protection training on the INSET Day.  Teachers and Mrs Marshall also attended a remote learning workshop in the afternoon about Google Classroom.  



Autumn Term 1 2020/21

All teachers received online training about how to set up and use Google Classroom, our new learning platform.



Summer Term 2 – 2019/2020

Mrs Robinson successfully passed her NPQSL training in June.  She has been working on this for a year and a half and the main focus of her project was improving maths in our school through a mastery approach.  Mrs Robinson and Miss Debenham also completed a year of attending a maths mastery hub, where they had the opportunity to observe maths mastery lessons at other schools.  Mrs Robinson also attended a research group exploring maths mastery in mixed-aged classes.



Spring Term 1 – 2019/2020

Our midday supervisers (MDSAs) received fantastic professional development from the Uckfield Town Alliance. This was focussed on how to manage behaviour effectively. Mr Baptie has attended the safeguarding conference, which was brilliant, and he has lots of ideas on how to make our online safety curriculum even better! Mrs Robinson has attended a mixed-aged planning meeting for maths. This is to enhance our knowledge of effective maths planning.  Miss Debenham has been lucky enough to take part in Yoga workshops! She is now trialling this in PE lessons.

For our INSET day, we will be exploring VIPERS. This is a whole school approach to guided reading.


Autumn Term 2 – 2019/2020


Mrs Robinson has continued to attend professional development for mixed-aged maths planning as well as working hard on her NPQSL. Miss Debenham is also attending a maths mastery hub. As a staff, we are thinking carefully about both our own well-being and that of the children. The children will shortly be making a mental health promise and they will review this periodically. Miss Swaine is continuuing with her NQT courses with a focus on the Early Years. All staff have now been trained in the most up-to-date training for Prevent, food hygiene, fire safety and risk assessments.



Autumn Term 1 – 2019/2020


What a busy start to the new academic year! Miss Debenham will be attending a maths hub focusing on the mastery curriculum and Mr Baptie has been to a fantastic Curriculum Day for school governors and leaders. Miss Swaine has also started a set of training days on making Reception even more exciting!

Please check back towards the end of term for more staff learning!



Summer Term 2 – 2018/2019

Wow! As a staff, we have been learning lots.

Mrs Milne has been undertaking a sewing course outside of school to further improve her sewing skills.

Mrs Marshall and Mrs Barlow are attending a Special Educatonal Needs Development course. They have found the first sessions really beneficial. 

Mr Baptie has successfully completed his NPQSL (award in senior leadership) and Mrs Robinson continues to work towards her NPQSL award. 

We will continue to update any further learning we do as a staff!


Summer Term 1 2018/2019

The staff kicked off the summer term with an INSET day. This day was used to explore our curriculum with a key focus on History and Geography. We updated our long term planning to ensure children make even better progress with their knoweldge and skills year-on-year in these subjects.

Some of the words we used to describe our vision for our curriculum were:

Engaging, exciting, awe and wonder, morale values, creative, development of knowedge and skills, growth mindset, wide range of opportunities, outdoor learning, sense of self in the comminuity and children are inspired to learn more.


Spring Term 2018/2019 


Our Christian Value this term is Friendship. As a staff, we have been discussing how we can best promote kindness in the classroom and beyond! See the link below for one of the articles we have read.


This term, Mr Baptie, Mrs Heggie and Mrs Robinson are continuing to learn about various aspects that can help improve children's writing. This includes using grammar for effect and how dance can be used stimulate quality writing.

Teachers will also be exploring how we can improve our Computing Curriculum. 

Mrs Robinson is now undertaking her NPQSL, which helps to develop whole school leadership qualities. Mr Baptie is due to complete his NPQSL over the next month. 


Autumn Term 2018/2019


We are working with other Uckfield schools as part of a Peer Review project. This involves senior leaders going in to other schools and supporting them to identify an area for development. Mr Baptie has visited St Philip's Primary and Mrs Peasgood has visited Manor Primary. We have had our Peer Review and are working on ways to increase progress and attainment in spelling…watch this space! 


Mr Baptie, Mrs Robinson and Mrs Heggie are all undetaking a fantastic set of seminars across this academic year on 'Reading for Writing'. This will focus on how reading can be enhanced aross the school to then feed into the children's writing. We will soon be compiling a list of 'must reads' for each class. This will ensure all children are exposed to a wide range of high quality literature across their primary education.



All remaining staff completed first aid training to ensure the safety of children and staff in school. All staff are now trained and up to date in first aid. 

Mrs Peasgood and Mr Baptie have also updated their safeguarding training. Keeping our children safe is our number one priority. 


Summer 1 2018


The whole school is trialling 'Marvellous ME!' as a positive tool to engage parents with their child's school life. Mr Baptie has led two parent meetings to outline this new feature and we are keen to know if it is an effective app! 


Mr Baptie continues to work towards his NPQSL with a key focus on enhancing our school's broad and rich curriculum with a key focus on history and geography.


Mr Koumi has attended another 'Maths Mastery' session and he will be informing us about the key aspects we can develop.


Our Governors are also learning. They have received 'Data Training' to find out more about how to interpret and analyse the school data.

It is great to have the whole school learning so much this term!


Some of the research we are exploring this term are linked below:

Ofsted publishes curriculum review preliminary findings


Spring Term 2


This half-term has started with an Online Safety Workshop for parents, Y5/6 children and teachers. This feeds into a key area of our school development of keeping children safe online. 


Mr Baptie continues to work towards his NPQSL with a key focus on enhancing our school's broad and rich curriculum.  


Mr Koumi and Mrs Peasgood have both attended 'Maths Mastery' sessions, which the whole school will be working on, to improve the children's deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts. Thank you to all the families who attended our recent 'Come and Share' session on maths problem solving!


Spring Term 1


 Mr Baptie has begun his NPQSL course. This is a course which develops leadership skills and will contribute to improving our children's learning. If you are interested in finding out more, then Mr Baptie would be delighted to share his learning! 


We have started this term by having an INSET at Manor Primary School. Lots of the local schools took part in professional development focusing on how to develop children's thinking in order to help writing skills. This half term we will be exploring how we can use a mindfulness approach and thinking activities to help children increase their confidence across the curriculum.

Please copy and paste the below address  to go to the website for mindfulness:


Autumn Term

Miss Debenham is currently undertaking a leadership course. The NPQML training is designed to extend the knowledge and expertise of leaders. The course enables leaders to manage and lead effectively to have an impact on the whole school and high expectations of learning for all pupils. One of the key areas for the NPQML for Miss Debenham has been to improve the provision and opportunities within PE at Nutley School.

Last academic year Miss Debenham asked all the teachers what they thought their areas of development were in PE. The overwhelming area we all felt we needed further development in was dance!

The children will be participating in dance lessons led by a skilled practitioner with the class teacher joining in and observing.

This will help improve our confidence and teaching of a sequence of dance lessons. 

As a church school, we are now following the 'Understanding Christianity' scheme as part of our Religious Education curriculum. Mrs Milne delivered a fantastic staff meeting on the scheme, which will really help our children progress in their understanding of key concepts. 


Congratulations to Miss Villa for completing her first full year as a Primary School Teacher!  She achieved eveything and more in her NQT year.  Miss Villa has taken part in lots of professional development and learnt lots along the way.  Like all of us, she will continue to learn and develop next year building on the successes she has had.

Believe, Achieve, Succeed!


Below are links to articles, research and websites we have found useful as a staff or have led to discussions about certain topics.  Not all of us will agree with the views of those who have written some of the articles but they do provide a good stimulus for discussion and thinking.

If you feel like you have a view on any of the topics, then please feel free to let us know!


As part of whole school training, we will be exploring the Thrive approach on our first INSET back in September 2017. Please click the link below to find out more!

The Thrive Approach


Below is a link regarding dyscalculia. An interesting read and some good strategies to help those who find number concepts difficult to understand and retain.


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