Term 3

This term we are looking at the skeletons of humans and animals.  We will be finding out the differences and similarities between them.  We will also look at how muscles are important to our movement.

We have also been learning how the brain works and looking at the functions of the different parts.



We discovered the story of the structured workings of a variety of animals living in the rain forest.  We created our own skeletons using different media.



Term 2

In science, we will be learning about light.


We created shadows by making a solid shape and shining a light on it.  We traced the shadow that we made.  Secondly, we drew and cut out shadow puppets with a movable part.




In science, we learnt about sounds and vibrations.


We experimented with different pitches.  We made sound sandwiches using lollipop sticks, rubber bands and straws.  The harder we blew, the higher the pitch.



We used bird seed on tambourines to create different vibrations.  The harder we hit, the bigger the vibration.


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