School Council


“We are your voice”



Elected Y6 Councillors 

Abigail, Charlie, Josh and Teia


Please click the link below for our Action Plan:

Action Plan 2017 2018


Our school council is set up to involve children in the decisions made in our school to make it an even better place to be.  Our school council is made up of four representatives from year 6, each of whom has responsibility for a class in our school (Beech for years 5 and 6, Willow for years 3 and 4, Ash for years 1 and 2 and Oak for reception), as well as at least once representative from each other class who works closely with the year 6 councillor who has responsibility for their class.  This year we have one representative from Willow class, one from Ash class and one from Oak class. These councillors have been voted for by their classmates.


The year 6 councillors act as chair and secretary of the council.  The councillor governor attends our meetings.  All of the councillors have a folder in which to keep their meeting minutes, action plans and notes to take back to their classes.


Once councillors are elected they liaise with their classes (and, in the case of the year 6 councillors, assist the younger pupils with whom they are associated to liaise with their classes) and report back to the full school council.  Suggestions and ideas are discussed and the school council then votes on which items should be written in to the school council action plan.


We try to meet regularly with the school leadership team to put our ideas across so that we can be truly representative of the pupils in this school.


We can only be your voice if you allow us to be: please feel free to approach us with any ideas, thoughts or concerns you might have!

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