RE Lessons

We are taking part in the Art Competition run by the Diocese of Chichester.  It is based on the Year of the Bible 2017.  In Willow Class we have learnt about the story of Jesus preaching on the Sea of Galilee.  There, He met his first disciples when He asked the fishermen to sail out into deep water and cast their nets.  Peter was very reluctant to do this as he had been fishing all night with no success, but he did as Jesus said and soon the nets were brimming with fish.  When they reached the shore again, Peter decided to follow Jesus and become a 'fisher of men'.  

Our Art Competition entry is based on this story.  We made wire sculptures of fish after looking at Alexander Calder's work.  All the fish made by the children are as unique as they are.  They will be made into a whole class installation.  Everybody commented on how much they enjoyed this activity.


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