Prayer Tree of Hope


We want to you to create decorations of joy. These will go onto our Prayer Tree of Hope in the hall. We want your help to create a bright, bold and colourful tree, to celebrate creativity, joy and most of all hope.

We would like your mini pieces of art to reflect:  
What are you most looking forward to when lockdown is over and who are you looking forward to seeing and spending time with? It might be a place or an activity with family, friends or animals who you are unable to be with at the moment.

You can draw, sew, knit, stick, write or whatever you choose so long as it is no bigger than 15cm x 15cm and can be hung on our tree (so don’t forget to add a hanging loop!)

Once you have finished, we would love to hear about your creation, just a sentence or two, telling us what this piece means to you and why you chose the design you’ve chosen. Maybe you want to include a wish, a thank you, or a hope for the future, or even a message to someone. We would also love a picture of you and your decoration so email them into the office. It is so lovely to see photos of you when we can’t see you in person.

When we’re all together again and you’re able to come into school you’ll be able to hang up your decoration yourself so keep it safe until then.

We really look forward to seeing your decorations.



Have a look at Mrs Milne's Powerpoint presentation to give you an idea.


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