Our Christian Ethos


Today Badgers met Reverend Ben and discussed whether science and religion are complementary. He answered lots of questions like:

Do you think creation happened in 7 days?

Do you think God created the world?

Do you believe in aliens?

The questions showed knowledge of Christianity, curiosity and intelligence. Thanks to Reverend Ben for sitting in the hot seat!


On Thursday 14th December we held a parent meeting about our whole school approach to teaching Christianity. We folllw the scheme 'Understanding Christianity'. Below is a link which will download the PowerPoint presented at the meeting:


Understanding Christianity parents meeting Dec 2017


Our school have entered the Diocese of Chichester art competition to celebrate the ‘Year of the Bible’. Our categories were Bible stories and Bible characters. The competition entries were delivered to Church House on Monday and will be judged, along with 80 other schools, in May. Nutley CofE Primary School were also selected by the Diocese to contribute to a magazine article about the competition in ‘Faith in Sussex’. We provided material about the artwork, photos and quotes and look forward to seeing the completed article. Here’s the information we shared:

In Nutley CofE Primary School it was decided the competition entries would be completed within school and a totally different approach was taken with each class. The village school is small with only 4 mixed age classes but, as with the story of David and Goliath, something small should never be underestimated!


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In EYFS, the children heard and talked about Daniel in the Lion’s Den. Together they produced a collage picture.


King Darius said “No one is allowed to pray to God’. But Daniel did, he prayed really hard.

God didn’t listen to the bad people but he did listen to Daniel. Joshua McInnes age 4 and Erin Dyer age 5 


With year 1 and 2, we linked the competition to work that had recently been completed. The children had a choice over which story to portray in a wax resist picture. The children had learnt about Christian Creation, where I took the opportunity to introduce and work with the Big Frieze from the Understanding Christianity course. The artwork was based on their vision of the Garden of Eden. 


We had also learnt about the story of Abednego, Shadrach and Meshach being thrown in the fiery pit for refusing to worship anyone else but God. 


Both pieces were completed simultaneously but led to some great discussion as to what would be depicted and why. 

Year 1

I liked adding water to the paint and making it burst everywhere, just like God’s love. Gracie age 5

Year 2

I like painting the Garden of Eden because it is beautiful and I wanted to show that in my picture. Stanley age 6

The names of the friends are very unusual in the story and the really like the idea of an angel protecting them in the fire. Emily age 7  


Year 3/4 based their art work on the disciple Peter. Whilst learning about the events of Maundy Thursday, we looked at Peter’s role when Jesus washed the disciple’s feet and later Peter denying he knew him. To fully cement his place in Jesus' life, we returned to their first meeting. The whole class wire installation is based upon Peter giving up his job of catching fish for following Jesus and being a fisher of men. Inspiration for the artwork was taken from Alexander Calder’s sculptures. The children designed and beaded their own individual fish and each fish is as unique as each person is.

Year 3 

The colours resemble how Jesus forgives all of our different sins.   Hector age 8

Year 4

The fish are all different just like we are and so colourful.   Abigail age 9 


Year 5/6 began by looking at ‘The People of God’ section of the Big Frieze and identifying stories and people. We talked through what we could see and moved on to recall stories that we have learnt about or referred to this year. The children chose which story or character they depicted and their selection was varied and well considered. From Mary the mother of Jesus, our topic from October, Jonah and the whale remembered from previous years, to Abraham being prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac which we discussed in relation to Muslim beliefs. The stories and characters are familiar to the class but the technique of foil and string art was new to everyone.



Year 6 

I was inspired to focus on Mary by the crosses as I wanted to show she was there all through Jesus’ life.   Annabel age 11 

We are on a journey and this has deepened our knowledge. 



Willow Class designed stained glass windows that include a Christian symbol.  Can you spot the symbols?  We saw lots of them in St. James the Less and can all explain what the symbols mean.  We think the windows are very effective and are displayed around the school.

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