Oak Class

Summer 1 On The Farm

Mrs Miller's farm

We went to see Mrs Miller's farm in Nutley. Mrs Miller kindly helped us find our way, walking along the edge of Ashdown Forest. When we were there, we were lucky to meet four lambs, Sausage the pig and Wilson and Summer the horses. Wilson loved being tickled under his chin. He was gentle and very soft. Whilst we were there, the farrier arrived and re-shod Wilson's horse shoes. We found out how they were taken off, measured and nailed back in. Sausage the pig had a lovely time because all the children were given an apple to throw in to her pig sty. She had a very large snack! We also saw how Mrs Miller fed the lambs their milk with a special gadget. When we came back we wrote down some of the things we had learned for our non-fiction books about farm animals.




WOW! What a start to our term. We have already had a visit from Mrs Breeze and her tens – Tabitha and Buttercup!


Our First Forest School

We had an amazing time exploring the forest at our first Forest School visit.

We found creatures, explored bluebells and ferns as well as making our very own dens! We even saw some lambs in the field!


Spring 2

Mr Hayler and Mrs Dawson came to help us learn about planting, seeds, bulbs and growing from cuttings!

All the children planted their own Sunflower seeds and some Marigold seeds to grow on the classroom. We have to keep them in the warmth of the classroom to help the m germinate.

It is so exciting to watch them grow.

We will take them home to carry on growing them as take photos to show everyone how our Sunflowers have grown!





Yum Yum! We made our own bread, grew our own cress and then made our own healthy sandwiches. They were delicious!

We also used safety knives and scissors to help us make the sandwiches. The whole classroom smelt amazing!




In Oak Class we have been learning about Palm Sunday. Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week. After listening to the story of Jesus riding into Jerusalem for the festival of Passover, we acted it out. The crowds waved palm leaves and shouted ‘Hosanna’ as Jesus rode a young donkey, called a colt, past them. Hosanna means ‘save us’ or ‘rescue us’ and at the time, people hoped that was what Jesus was going to do.
Afterwards, the children used the props for their own role play of the story.

Forest Creatures

We have been learning about our local environment and the children were learning how to explore different materials to create creatures from Ashdown Forest. We made foxes, badges, rabbits and owls. What animals do you recognise? What materials do you think we used?



Spring 1


In readiness for future Forest School sessions, we put on our wellies and went for a walk down School Lane! We saw lots of signs of spring and upon our return we re-created the map of our jouney using large paper, toys and lego.





We were so lucky to enjoy the company of some Year 8 students from UCTC, along with Mrs Hanham, a PE teacher at UCTC. The older children organised some amazing games for the children to enjoy, developing a vast range of skills which we then incorporated into our PE sessions. The children played a variety of games including; clapping whilst throwing a beanbag, target throwing, balancing, racing and many more. The UCTC students also showed the children the skills in each games and helped them to progress over the session. The children had a great time!


Oak Class have been enjoying exploring the numicon resources.  We played a game where the numicon plates were hidden in a feely bag and we had to identify them just by feeling them.  It was quite tricky.  Then we rolled a dice and challenged our partners to find the plate that matched the number on the dice.  We weren't allowed to peek!



In Oak we are continuing to learn sounds in words each week as well as "WOW" words and tricky words.  

Have you tried playing Obb and Bob on the Letters and Sounds website? See if you can put the right words in the right places, using the diagraph sounds – ch, sh, th and ng.


Can you go on a shape hunt around your house and find these three shapes?

A cube


A cylinder


Click on the links below for some useful websites for learning how to recognise sounds as well as blending them  together:

Make your own CVC words

Phonics Initial Sounds Matching Game

Phonics Pop

Recognising and Writing Numbers

Alphablocks Blending Games

Phonics Games

Dinosaur Tricky Word Game

Make Flat Shapes

http://www.crickweb.co.uk/Early-Years.html – This is a fun website to aid children's learning across the curriculum.

http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/phase-2.html – This site works through each "Phase" of learning the sound of each letter.

http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/3-5-years/counting  – Top Marks is a wonderful site for children to explore number and shape through a vast amount of games.  


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