Oak Class



Spring 1 Animals and Pets

Happy New Year! This term we are finding out lots of exctiting things about animals. 

So far this term we have made cakes and found out how to make icing for "Erica the Caterpillar" who is a friend of The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

We were sent a letter asking for help to make icing for a cake for her friend's birthday, his name was Hungry and he was five years old this week. This was not a problem for the wonderful scientists in Rabbit Class!




Autumn Term 2

WOW! What a busy Christmas in Rabbits Class!

We have had Elves visitn our classroom with their elf shoes stuck in ice. We needed to be scientists to help them solve their problem.



We have also been busy making gingerbread dough and making our own Christmas biscuits – yum yum.



We have been very creative this term. We have been learning the story of The Elves and The Shoemaker. We have made some beautiful Magic Shoes with MAGIC powers!


In RE we have learnt about the symbol of the baby Jesus in the form of mince pies. The children found out about why we celebrate Christmas with mince pies and made their own.


This term we have begun exploring SOLID shapes, their names and their properties.

We have had a lot of fun creating "Cuboid Elves" and amazing rockets for Bonfire Night.




Autumn Term 1


We are Rabbits Class!

whole class

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Rabbits in Rabbit Class!

We had some very special furry visitors in Rabbits Class today! We had Parker and Poppy the rabbits and Grey and Percy the Guinea Pigs!

The children found out all sorts of information about the rabbits – including that a boy rabbit is called a “Buck” and a girl rabbit is call a “Doe”! We also found out that Parker – the very fluffy rabbit is called a “Lion head” rabbit because he has so much fur it looks like he has a lion’s mane!



Birthday Celebrations

Rabbits have been learning about the history of Nutley School and how the school is 165 years old this year! The children created cards to celbrate and we will put them in our school hall to share the celebration with everyone.





We have been learning Yoga at school this term. Mrs Hind, our Yoga Teacher, explains he we can stretch our bodies and be mindful in moving our bodies.




We have had a very busy time so far – we have been Learning and exploring all the new spaces in Nutley School!


Some of our beautiful Harvest cards




Help at Home

In Rabbits we are learning sounds in words each week as well as "WOW" words and tricky words.  

Have you tried playing Obb and Bob on the Letters and Sounds website? See if you can put the right words in the right places.


Can you go on a shape hunt around your house and find these three shapes?

A square

A triangle

A rectanlge

A rhombus


Click on the links below for some useful websites for learning how to recognise sounds as well as blending them  together:

Make your own CVC words

Phonics Initial Sounds Matching Game

Phonics Pop

Recognising and Writing Numbers

Alphablocks Blending Games

Phonics Games

Dinosaur Tricky Word Game

Make Flat Shapes

http://www.crickweb.co.uk/Early-Years.html – This is a fun website to aid children's learning across the curriculum.

http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/phase-2.html – This site works through each "Phase" of learning the sound of each letter.

http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/3-5-years/counting  – Top Marks is a wonderful site for children to explore number and shape through a vast amount of games.  


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