Rabbit Class










We have been having lots of celebratory fun in Rabbit Class! Our theme this term is 'Celebrations', and we have learned all about Bonfire Night, Poppy Day, Children in Need, Chinese New Year, and now we are really getting into the Christmas spirit!












We have had so much fun in Rabbit Class!  We have settled in really well and are very comfortable with our school routine.  We have been playing games to help us learn our letters and sounds, and looking at all the different ways we can see our numbers.  We have had plenty of time for playing imaginative games and making lots of fabulous creations, and sometimes, our friends from Hedgehog Class get to come in to play with us!















We've been having fun in Rabbit Class!  We've learned a new song and made some soap to help us to remember to wash our hands, and we've chosen a theme for this week … dinosaurs!!   





Rabbit Class are working very hard at home!




A brilliant number line using leaves found in the garden and a den from the Rainbow Challenge!









For term 3, we are 'thinkers and tinkers', and w get to do a lot of designing, building and our favourite … science experiments!







For term 2, our learning theme was 'Celebrations!'.  We learned all about Bonfre Night, Poppy Day, Children in Need, Diwali and of course … Christmas!





We are lucky enough to get time to spend with our buddies!  We had guests from Badgers, Foxes and Hedgehogs who came in to support our learning.







During term one, we introduced our routines and got to know our way around school!

Now in Rabbit class, we are progressing through our phonics programme using a mix of Letters and Sounds and Jolly Phonics, with lots of other games and activities – we are even starting to sound out and write words!

For Maths, we are learning our skills through the White Rose programme. This uses a blend of guided input and choosing in free flow learning to explore counting, addition, number recognition among other mathematical skills- with plenty of room for games!

As well as this, our topic this term is Celebrations, so we are exploring a lot of arts and crafts learning about different celebrations!





We have had a fabulous and very busy first few weeks!

We have…

* Met all of our teachers and staff at school, and got to know each other.

* Got to know our way around our classroom and school, including visiting the church and the library.

* Got to know our class routine- including our morning jobs and tidy up time that we are getting very quick at!

* Started learning our songs- including Jump Jim Joe and Engine Engine Number Nine.

Practiced our listening skills and played games to prepare for learning phonics.

* Practiced our counting with lots of games.

* Explored our classroom, played lots of role play and games, built lots of towers and dens, explored a lot of mark making with different materials, and had lots of lovely story time!

* Met our Learning Partners and House Team colours!



More updates to follow!



Click on the links below for some useful websites for learning how to recognise sounds as well as blending them  together:

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http://www.crickweb.co.uk/Early-Years.html – This is a fun website to aid children's learning across the curriculum.

http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/phase-2.html – This site works through each "Phase" of learning the sound of each letter.

http://www.topmarks.co.uk/maths-games/3-5-years/counting  – Top Marks is a wonderful site for children to explore number and shape through a vast amount of games.  


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