Hedgehog Diary 2019




This week we looked for signs of Spring.  We found catkins, bluebells, daffodils and violets.  We created frames for our signs of Spring out of natural materials.




We searched for bugs in the forest and found centipedes, millipedes, newts, worms, beetles and a chrysalis!



We had a bit of a murky day for our third week on the forest!  We tried to light fires but the wood we gathered was too damp.  Mr Goldsmith did manage to light his fire – it produced a lot of smoke!



Hedgehog Class had a great second week at Forest School.  The children had to dismantle their dens from last week, searched for mushrooms and played the popular Bats and Moths game!  



Dens were the order of the day for Hedgehog Class during their first Forest School session of the New Year!  Only using things found in the forest, the children had to make a den which could hold four of them sitting down.  



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