Forest Diary



Spring Term 1 & 2 2017/2018



Week 6

This week we explored the mini-beasts within the Forest School grounds. We discovered where they live and what they are called. To help them, we made our own bug hotel!

We also went on a badger sett trek to look at the new holes, which they have created. 



Week 5

During this session we learnt how to make our own camp fire! We used different sized sticks and twigs and then lit it using striking rods. The best part was roasting our own marshmallows! It certainly required a lot of perseverance.





Week 4


This week we collected lots of sticks and twigs so that we can make small fires next week.

We also used peelers to create a skewer for our marshmallows!

We continue to grow in confidence and are starting to explore more of the site by ourselves. We used fact books to help identify a range of fungi and trees. 



Week 3


We carried on our in-class science learning by looking at different leaves. We identified what trees they belonged to and then classified them. We then created our own woodland art depicting what the forest needs to survive and thrive. 

Sun – Water – Trees – Animals

We also had fun on a rope swing! Back in class we have created a bar chart showing a sample of tree types within our forest school setting.



Week 2


This week we made larger shelters using rope and tarpaulins. We had to work as a team and then we had to endure the 'rain test'! All the shelters were fantastic. 

We then went to the stream. We all got soggy socks but had great fun! Next week in our English lessons, we will be writing a descriptive piece using our Forest School experience so far.



Week 1

Wow! We were so excited to start our Forest School sessions. We trekked to the site in the rain and mud but when we arrived the sun began to shine. 

We explored the Forest School site and then took part in lots of short activities to help get used to the forest. We made small shelters for Eeyore, played a game where we had to pretend to be bats, collected a set list of woodland items and came up with our own recall.





In the Forest

by TMG aged 8


While I hide,

Do not peak,

In the bracken,

Hide and seek,


Badger setts,

Climbing trees,

Deer prints,

Collecting seeds,


Leaves and sticks,

Mud and clay,

In the woods,

We like to play,


Peaceful, calm,

Picturesque view,

Muddy knees,

Soggy shoes,


Crossing bridges,

Jumping streams,

Tired legs,

Happy dreams.

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