Forest Diary



Week 8 on the forest!

For our last forest school session we spent a lot of time creating our own mini fire. We had to use dry sticks and straw to build our fire. We then had to use the striking tools to get a spark to set our fire going!

Everyone was brilliant.


We also treated ourselves to a marshmellow! Some us had such a good fire we could toast them on our own mini fire.

As it was our final forest school session (for the time being) we have included what we have enjoyed about the experience under the photos below:



     "I have enjoyed making fires and working my hardest!"               


"Having marshmellows on my fire."      "I had the best day ever!" 


"I've enjoyed playing fun games."  "I liked eating my s'more!"            


       "I've enjoyed everyone helping each other and being kind."


                                    "Making charcoal."


              "We had a great teacher…thanks Mr Goldsmith!"      




Week 7 on the forest!

During our seventh session we were very lucky to be joined by Mrs Wood. We showed her where to go and what we have done on the forest so far!

We had the chance to carry on building dens, making mallets and finding fungi. We also learnt a bit about bats and played a game to help understand how they use echolocation to navigate. 3 children had blindfolds on to pretend they were bats and they used clapping to locate other children. It was a great game!

Mr Baptie spotted a deer but it had fled before everyone else could see it (we think he imagined it).





Week 6 on the forest!

This week we finished making our own mallets out of logs. We had to use small hand saws and other tools to create a handle. We could then use peelers to try and strip the bark. We also had to try and cross the stream on the tight ropes…luckily none of us fell in!






Week 5 on the forest!

It was a beautiful day on the forest. We worked in small teams to make shelters. We had to use tarpaulins and rope to help create a shelter that would keep us dry. We also found some more fungus and bugs!






Week 4 on the forest!


We are truly underway with our forest school adventure.

This week we collected lots of little dry sticks and leaves to help make our own small fire!

After a few attempts we got the fire going. We then made our own charcoal sticks by using 'green' wood and putting it in a small tin on the fire. We can now use this in our art lessons!

Who needs Bear Grylls when we have our own bunch of super explorers?

(Plus Mr Goldsmith!)




Week 3 on the forest!

We searched for mini beasts and found lots of woodlice. We then tried to make our own bug hotels and we had the chance to use some tools to help cut logs.

Each week our confidence in the forest is growing!





Week 2 on the forest!

It was a beautiful morning for exploring the forest and splashing about in the stream. We created our own woodland art and tried to find sticks which were 30cm long. Soggy socks did not put us off! 



Some of our finds this week.



Our camera caught some great photos!



Year 2 have now started their Forest School sessions. We have already found two animal skulls!




In the Forest

by TMG aged 8


While I hide,

Do not peak,

In the bracken,

Hide and seek,


Badger setts,

Climbing trees,

Deer prints,

Collecting seeds,


Leaves and sticks,

Mud and clay,

In the woods,

We like to play,


Peaceful, calm,

Picturesque view,

Muddy knees,

Soggy shoes,


Crossing bridges,

Jumping streams,

Tired legs,

Happy dreams.

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