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Term 3

In the first week of term, we drew portraits in the style of African art. We noticed that a lot of the traditional art used bold colours, prominent shapes and distorted features. More recent European artists, such as Matisse and Picasso, saw lots of African art in museums and were inspired to use their style. (By Hal, Scarlet, Yasmin and Josh.)


Term 2

In history we learned about The Battle of Britain and World War 2. We made medals that were awarded to the fighter pilots. "Never was so much owed by so many to so few", Winston Churchill. We also re-enacted The Battle of Britain in the hall; it was extremely exciting and history repeated itself – Britain won again! We finished our learning journey with a fun trip to Newhaven Fort where we handled lots of interesting objects from that time, including a baby's gas mask.


In science, the children planned a scientific enquiry to prove that light travels in straight lines. 


Term 1


In the computing suite, the children had fun learning how to program using Python. The children explored how to input code using the correct syntax, create and use variables, calculate using operators and write comments.


In science, the children have been learning about evolution and inheritance. They have researched an animal and thought about how, over time, it has adapted to its environment. They looked at fossils too!


The children often use equipment in maths to deepen their understanding of concepts and strategies and to solve problems. They used place value counters to talk through how the column strategy works to ensure a deeper level of understanding.


The Badgers enjoyed a fantastic afternoon with Ms Hanham from Uckfield College and some Year 8 students who helped them to improve their dribbling and passing skills.

KS2 Art Club

The children worked incredibly hard to improve their watercolour painting and ink drawing techniques and created the most amazing watercolour cities. 









Term 6



Badgers had an amazing time at Bushcraft. As well as having lots of fun, they learned  a variety of survival skills: they made campfires, built shelters and learned first aid. Some children bravely slept the night in the shelters they had built during a thunderstorm! The food was really tasty – but we wouldn't recommend the fish eyes!


Today Badgers met Reverend Ben and discussed whether science and religion are complementary.

He answered lots of questions like:

Do you think creation happened in 7 days?

Do you think God created the world?

Do you believe in aliens?

The questions showed knowledge of Christianity, curiosity and intelligence.

Thanks to Reverend Ben for sitting in the hot seat!



Rivers and Mountains

The children had a very enjoyable and informative Geography field trip to Cuckmere Haven where they saw lots of river features at close hand, including a perfect example of a meander.


Year 6 learned how to keep safe at Safety In Action. They received valuable advice from all the emergency services through a series of fun interactive activities.


Year 6 have built the kit car with the help of Mr O'Connor from Uckfield College and  Mr Milward. The children are looking forward to racing it soon at the Uckfield Mini Grand Prix.


Term 4 and 5

Tigers of India

In art, inspired by Henri Rousseau's 'Tiger', the children created cardboard prints to paint the jungle plants. They hid a tiger in their paintings – can you spot them?


In science, the chuildren have been learning about living things and their habitats. They researched mammals, including the tiger, and wrote reports explaining their life cycles. The children learned about the reasons why tigers are now an endangered species and imagined how they could help to protect Bengal tigers by creating their own charitable organisation and producing leaflets and posters. The children have also been writing creatively on the theme of tigers, inspired by Neil Gaiman's quirky fictional story, 'Cinnamon'.


The Year 6 children used counters to help them solve some tricky ratio and proportion problems in maths. Children worked with their Learning Partner and showed great perseverance.


After SATs, the whole class did Forest School as a treat. The children discovered a frog by the stream and practised their balancing skills on a rope bridge. The Year 6 children stayed on a little longer; they made fires and cooked their own sausages on sticks that they had whittled themselves.


Orienteering Day was a great success.

The children looked at a variety of maps and decided which were the most important features. They then created their own maps including features such as a key, title, scale and co-ordinates. The children learned about grid references on Ordnance Survey maps.

Then, they practised their skills on the village green, working brilliantly in teams to complete an orienteering course.


Term 3

Maid in China

Tangram puzzles originated in China. The children had a puzzling time trying to fit all the pieces into a specific outline. They also had to complete 2D mathematical shape challenges.



The children looked at traditional Chinese art and were inspired to design their own dragons. They used water colours to paint onto silky fabric, blending colours beautifully.



Chinese New Year was celebrated by cooking up a vegetarian Chinese stir fry. The children enjoyed tasting bamboo shoots, water chestnuts and beansprouts.



In class we read the Chinese version of the Cinderella story and compared it with the one we know. The children had a lot of fun working together as a team to put on a play. They also wrote their own playscripts. 



In history, the children found out about early writing in China during the Shang dynasty. The earliest surviving Chinese script appears on animal bones. They were used for telling fortunes.The children composed messages using Shang characters and then painted them carefully onto their oracle bones.




Some children visited The Amex to take part in a day of exciting maths activities. They also had a tour of the stadium.


Skateboarding School – Very Cool



Term 2


Being able to prepare your own food is essential for survival. We started the term with a visit from Chartwells and the children excitedly made their own pizzas.


The children learned about the geography of the polar regions and about Scott's historic expedition to the South Pole. They enjoyed reading several rich texts about Shackleton's expedition to walk across Antarctica.


Inspired by their learning, the children have written historical narratives set in Antarctica. Here is Teia's account of the sinking of Shackleton's ship, Endurance.

Endurance was crushed to smithereens. Suddenly, she tipped to one side. The cold black water seeped through cracks made by giant fingers of ice. She groaned. Then, finally, she upended. Sadly, the Endurance was dropped into dark murky nothingness. The men watched in horror as their only protection disappeared forever.

Looking after clothes and equipment is essential in a hostile environment. Imagine that you are on a polar expedition and you get a hole in your sock – you will need to repair it quickly to avoid frostbite. The children learned to darn socks as part of their survival training.



All of the children took part in this year's ROAR project. They had to work in a small group and come up with an idea that could change the world. They then had to make a poster and a model explaining their idea, invent a company name and write a catchy slogan and jingle for their product. The designs were amazing! Alan Sugar would have given them all a job!



In a bid to spread Christmas cheer among the local community, The Badger Class Choir visited two residential homes: Brooklands and Temple Grove. The children sang Christmas carols beautifully and enjoyed a friendly chat with the residents afterwards. A good time was had by all.



Term 1

All About Me

Local artist, Juliet Murray, showed us how to use chalk pastels to create landscapes.

We really enjoyed our art adventure to the Ashdown Forest.




In science, we are learning about SPACE!

The children had fun making their own model solar systems.



The children drew around their shadows at different times of the day. The children learned that our shadow changes because of the rotation of the Earth on its axis.



In P.E, we played football and learned to communicate with our team and pass.



On Restart a Heart Day, the children learned how to perform CPR if someone is unresponsive and not breathing. They also learned how to put someone into the recovery position.



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