Badger Diary


Autumn Term 2019

Week 1

Inspired by the beauty of this peaceful woodland, Badger Class began to select words and phrases to describe the forest and its many fruits. Back in class, they wrote poems. Each child contributed their best ideas to compose a class poem which they performed at Harvest Festival in the church. Please enjoy an extract of their poem….

A bouncing branch with broken bark beneath the balcony of trees,

Colossal roots creeping from the pitch black undergrowth,

Big wild blackberries, gleaming like amethysts, grow in the great bramble bushes,

Lichen green and crusty bark sits motionless, whilst rivers flow and farmers harvest,

Trees throw their crabapples down, onto the carpet of leaves below.

Next, the children estimated the height of the trees using some tricky trigonometry and drew a vertical cross-section of the forest. They compared this English forest to the Amazon Rainforest and were suprised to find out that the rainforest trees are three times taller than ours!


Week 2

In science, the children have been learning about evolution and inheritance. The children learned through a game called 'worms' that camoflage is a useful way of evading predators and that over time, animals become suited to their habitat. Time for another game! The children used what they could find from the envirobnment to camoflage themselves and avoid the predators. The predators also used stealth and camoflage to creep up on their prey!


Week 3

The children continued to think about how animals are suited to where they live. They searched the woodland for animals and made observational drawings of them and their habitats.


Week 4

On the way to Forest School, we noticed a giant mushroom growing at the edge of the field. At Forest School, you never know what you are going to find.What a lovely suprise!

The children than collected firewood and set about building their fires inside an old can with holes at the bottom. The children persevered in spite of the heavy rain! We talked about the importance of making fires safely and putting out fires carefully afterwards. In class we have been thinking about the destruction of the rainforest and how forest fires eradicate animal habitats.

Week 5

The children imagined they were indigenous people of the Amazon rainforest and built shelters from the natural resources around them. As they built their shelters, they even started to develop their own tribe languages and religious beliefs! A nearby stream became the Amazon river. A good time was had by all. The shelters were amazing too!



Autumn Term 2018

Week 1

We went for a walk around our area and found lots of different types of fungi which the children identified using books. We spotted badger holes too and were careful not to fall down any! Then we learned how to drill a hole through a conker safely using a palm drill. The children enjoyed the conkers, pretending they were the planets orbiting the sun. Finally, we played a listening game and headed back to school.


Week 2

The children had a very enjoyable time making dens, which had to fit three people inside, and they learned that a triangle is one of the strongest shapes. Afterwards, they inspected each other's dens and Sebastian described one of the dens as having ' a spine through the middle, with ribs on either side.' The children played problem solving and listening games in the field. We spotted a buzzard circling in the sky, looking for a thermal and also a toad, hiding in a log. Can you spot the toad in the photograph?




One group wrote and shared a poem which aimed to convey the atmosphere of the woods:


The odd person walks by, picks up some sticks and says, "Hello."

Some walk past – they can't really see us.

A view of a house and a gate, a good stargazing spot at night,

hiding places…

Leaves glimmer in the sun – blue and green crystals.

Ferns huddle together like young rabbits,

and tiny creatures shelter in homes of sticks.

The light shines magically through onto the left side of trees,

illuminating the path.

The trees calmly whisper to each other in the wind.

By Barnaby, Hallam and Abigail


Week 3

What an exciting morning! The children collected sticks and carefully built their fires. Then they used a flint and steel to create a spark to light their fires. (A piece of cotton wool smeared with vaseline helped this along.) They got the fires going by gently blowing through a bronze tube. Finally they enjoyed toasting marshmallows which they ate squashed between two chocolate biscuits. A fallen tree also made a great see-saw and some children taught others how to make a strange noise by holding a piece of grass between your thumbs and blowing.



Week 4

The class split into their year groups to complete different challenges. The Year 5s made a map of the wood on the forest floor – each child responsible for their own section. The Year 6s made some gifts for Rabbit class: a cobweb frame to display artwork and an abacus of acorns and conkers.



Week 5

The children were solving the problem of how to help two  casualties reach safety. They had to make a stretcher and work together as a team. Mr Goldsmith taught the children about equipment which could be used to keep safe and warm while out on an expedition. 


Week 6

The children had to work individually to build a shelter for themselves. All the children did really well and some exceeded expectations by cleverly using the resources available to them. For example, one used a hollow tree trunk and another used an old piece of picket fencing. 


Week 7

Nettle pizza was on the menu!

The children really enjoyed tasting this unusual pizza topping.

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