The curriculum and teaching at Nutley school are planned very carefully and any child who is absent from school will miss part of their learning. We expect, therefore, full attendance except for reasons of illness.

The Department for Education guidelines state that holidays in term time are unauthorised and the Governors of this school have fully endorsed that principle. 

If, in exceptional circumstances, you wish to apply for your child’s absence, a form can be obtained from the school office which should be completed and returned at least two weeks beforehand.


If your child is unable to come to school because of illness, please contact the office as soon as possible either by calling in person or by telephone (the answerphone is always available when the office is not staffed). If your child does not arrive at school we cannot know whether this is due to illness or to something that has happened on the way to school. We are required to contact parents on the first day of any absence. 

Please ensure that the office has an emergency contact number.                              

Should your child become ill whilst at school, we will contact you as soon as possible. If they are too unwell to remain in school, we may ask you to collect them.

Several of our staff are qualified First Aiders.

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