Assessment Without Levels



Key Information

Since the new National Curriculum was introduced to Years 1, 2, 4 and 5 in 2014 and Years 2 and 6 in September 2015, schools have been busy making sure that the new changes have been incorporated into the curriculum.  

Since September 2015 the old levels system has been removed and instead a system of Assessment Without Levels has been introduced.  It has been left to individual schools to devise a system of assessment and reporting.  Nutley C of E Primary has been working with other local schools and with East Sussex County Council to develop a system for our school.

Key Changes to the Curriculum

The new National Curriculum has more content and is pitched higher.  Some content that used to be taught at Key Stage 2 is now being taught at Key Stage 1.

English – the English curriculum places a greater importance on grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Maths – the Maths curriculum requires children to know and use certain facts much earlier that they had previously done.


Instead of levels your child will be assessed on how well they have achieved the new age related performance descriptors for their year.  During the year they will be assessed as one of the following:-

  • Working Below
  • Working Towards
  • Working At
  • Greater Depth

Under the old system children could move on to the next level, under the new system children will be challenged by exploring the performance descriptors in greater depth and showing through their work that they have a full understanding and can use their skills in other areas of the curriculum.

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