Ash Class

Fabulous Finish!
To end our 'Castle' topic we had a magnificent medieval banquet. We enjoyed a traditional feast and then performed our medieval dances. Some of us performed our own choice of entertainment and then we played party games.
Y5 also enjoyed watching some of our work, including a rendition of 'The Grand Old Duke Of York'.
Awesome Home Learning!
We have worked hard this term on our home learning grids. We had to complete a range of activities from the menu provided. Below is just a snapshot of our work!
Hever Castle Trip
What an amazing day we had at Hever Castle! The weather was kind and the autumn colour was stunning. We showed off all of our learning and could name so many features of the castle! We learnt about Henry VIII and his six wives as well as the history of the castle. We then had time to explore the grounds before we set off back to school. We all had a great time!
Castle Making Morning
We became designers and makers as we used our joining skills to make a castle. We had to make turrets, crenulations/ramparts, a drawbridge and flags.
It was a really fun morning with lots of DT learning!
We are very lucky to have Jess coming in to teach us (and Mr Baptie!) some key aspects of dance over the next few weeks. We have learnt the 6 areas of body movement and also began to work in unison with a partner.
Every week of this half-term we are learning about a different unit of measure with Mrs Milne.
This week we learnt all about capacity! We had to use the correct vocabulary and also find out the capacity  of different containers. We learnt that there are 1000ml in 1L.

Keep Germs Away!


We were very lucky to have the School Health Service come and visit us. They taught us all about germs and how to keep them away. We learnt how to correcly wash our hands!



We had to use an online paint program to create our own coat of arms. We then made a shield and stuck our coat of arms on. We are working hard to improve our control of the mouse when using laptops and computers. 
Castle Making!
In DT we are practising joining techniques in readiness for our Castle Making Day. We have learnt how to create turrets with a coned top. 
Next we will learn how to create a drawbridge!
We have been getting to know each other by playing some team building games.
First we had to try and work together to get the balls into the bucket.
Then we had to help our learning partner get to us…but they were blindfolded!
We came up with strategies to help them.


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