Ash Class

Year 1 and 2
Summer Term 2
Airport Day!
We came to school ready for a summer holiday. We had to get through passport control and then security!
After that we boarded the plane and eventually landed. We then took part in lots of activities about our destinations.
DT – Moving Pictures
We learnt how to use watercolours effectively and created the background. We then made sliders to re-create a scene from the Lightouse Keeper's Lunch!
More Science…
We had to write up our investigation for the question:
Which material will best protect the egg?
We kept the egg size, material size and height of the drop the same but changed the material type. We found out the best material was the fibre stuffing.
It was great fun!


This term we are recapping all the science areas we have explored this year. We have started with a materials investigation to find the most absorbent fabric. 


We really enjoyed the hands-on experiment!
Space Day and Home Learning
On Thursday 24th May, We all came to school dressed in space themed costumes and clothing! We took part in a range of activities to celebrate the end of our topic. We then shared our home learning from the Bloom's style grid. Each child has put so much effort into this term's home learning. Well done!
Art – Wallace and Gromit Sculptures
We have used salt dough to create Wallace and Gromit characters. We had to use pulling and squashing techniques to shape the dough. We then waited for them to dry before painting them!
We spent the whole day creating our own space themed board games! First we evaluated existing games. Then we decided on our own game and wrote the rules for the game.  We made our games and got the chance to play them. Finally we evaluated our games. 
In Science, we had to gather data to answer the question:
Which object makes the deepest crater?
We dropped 5 objects and then measured the depth of the crater.
The surface of our planet was flour!
We have started the Summer Term learning about different ways to travel. Below are some photos of our PE lesson where we learnt key jumping skills!
Planting a Tiny Seed!
We chose a seed to plant (radish, pea, sunflower or tomato) and had to think carefully about the steps so that we could then write instructions. 
We have taken them home to observe them grow. Mr Baptie has planted one of each for us to observe in class.
RE – Sensory Easter Story 
Mrs Milne taught us about the Easter story using all of our senses. We had to eat bread for Passover, taste salty crisps for Jesus' tears, smell Myrrh for when Jesus' body was in the tomb and eat a small chocolate egg to represent new life…that is just to name a few!
We then chose one aspect of the story to write about.



Spring 2 – Stunning Start!
We were so lucky to have Phil from Jaws 'n' Claws come and visit us. We had the chance to see, feel and hold a range of unusual animals! In class, we will each be choosing our favourite and researching them to find out more. It was a fanastic afternoon and a great way to start our topic. Thank you to the PFA for funding this experience. 

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