Hedgehog Class

Welcome to Hedgehog Class
In our super science starter for our Snap, Crackle and Pop topic,we had a SPARKLY time as well as learning about fire safety!  We had a brilliant exploration of fire!!
Autumn 1
Castles and Kingdoms
Hedgehog Class had a beautiful day to explore the wonderful Hever Castle.  All the children had private tours of specific rooms – the tour guides helped us to answer all of our questions about the castle and the kings and queens who lived there.



In our time travellers workshop the children dressed up as kings, queens, lords, ladies, merchants and peasants.  They had time to play game from long ago too.





In our free time we explored a new area of Hever – it's very own mini castle.  We explored the battlements and towers pretending to be knights, princes, kings and queens.  What an amazing adventure!


We are working very hard in Hedgehog Class – we have also been having lots of fun too!


We have begun making our very own shields – sadly not out of metal – they are all very unique!
IN PE we have been leanring football skills with our Sports Coach – Mr Dove. Our skills are really developing already.
Feel free to have a look at some of the Phonics Games we like to play in class – the 'Letters and Sounds' website has so many links to learn spellings of high frequency words, as well as playing games with sounds. Look at any games and resources from
'Phase 3' to 'Phase 5'
Letters and Sounds link: http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/
Academic year 2018-2019
We explored wind direction using a compass.  We then made windsocks to show which way the wind is blowing.  We also used them to measure how strong the wind was!
Hedgehogs and Rabbits enjoyed creating our menus and preparing and eating our scrumptious food for our Mad Hatter's Tea Party.  We made top hat sandwiches, jam tarts and biscuits decorated with Alice in Wonderland characters!  We each had our own potion bottle as a place name.
As part of their topic, Hedgehogs enjoyed a visit from Harley and Bentley.  They brought PC Slater with them!  He told the class all about the jobs police dogs do and we all loved being part of the sniff and search demonstration from both dogs.  Bentley and Harley thought PC Slater answered all our questions very well.
Hedgehogs say thank you for such a fantastic afternoon.
Hedgehog Class had a fantastic time learning skateboarding skills.  

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