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Welcome to Hedgehog Class
Summer 1 ​PIRATES
We are having so much fun with our new topic of Pirates. We have counted 'doublooms' dug for 'Booty' on Dangerous Deer Island and created our own pirate names and character profiles.
We are very excited to learn more about pirates in history and the world of the Seven Seas.
"Aye Aye Captain"
Spring 2 
Into the Woods
We planted seeds around our new Sports Pavillion!
We planted beans and nasturtiums and filled up the brand new Bug Hotel. We will be watching them grow this Spring and Summer. It was so lovely to be enjoying some Spring sunshine on our fabulous field. We looked for signs of Spring – we found buds, half a birds egg, pine cones, a bumble bee – exploring the Bug Hotel – and lots of new buds growing on the trees and hedges…….we did have a play there too! 
Spring 1
"Into The Woods"
This term we will be learning all about our local area and the animals that lkive there. We will be sharing stories of The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo's Child, as well as some tradtional tales set in the woods.
Autumn 2
We have have a very busy term this term. We have created our own toy poems, written our own Old Bear stories as well as made a missing Toy Poster to help find "Dogger" from the story. We have also been celebrating Christmas in our Nativity "Lights, Camel, Action" Nativity – see the link on the Home Page. Our Christmas crafts have been lots of fun too – we have had Christmas cards everywhere and some lovely Christmas Elves and Reindeer!
Merry Christmas everyone!
Autumn Term 1
Special Sharing Time With Rabbits
Rabbits and Hedgehogs spent some fab time together in the last week of term. We shared books together and made some beautiful 'Squiggly Line' art. We really like being part of the same bubble!
The week without Forest School
Due to a horrible storm we were not able to go to Forest School, as it was too dangerous.
That did not stop us making our own classroom into our very own forest. We made some beautiful collages to show what we know about Ashdown Forest. We included trees, plants and animals that we knew lived there. We did miss Forest School, but this was the next best thing!
Forest School 
This week at Forest School we went on a muddy adventure! We discovered a stream with some deer tracks and we climbed over it, we found loads of fungi and climbed over so many trees and branches. We even made friends with the sheep in the field! A brilliant morning!
WOW! What a SUPER start we have had to our school year. We have been very busy with our new topic – this week we went on our first forest school session! We explored the area, noticing what was happening to the trees and plants, as they are changing for Autumn. We also made animal dens – we had some dens that were for mice and some for badgers. We also had some dens that were big enough for the children too!
Summer 2
End of Term
We have had a very busy term at school. All of us have worked very hard, so we had a lovely picnic and some silly fun at the field!
This week we have made cards for the friends that we miss in Hedgehog Class. We hope they read some of the messages we have written. We can't wait to see you back at Nutley!
Whole body portraits – we learnt how to work out how long each part of our body should be. We really had to look closely at every part of our body!
We have been so careful at school working out how to keep safe and clean! We have also been having a lot of fun! This week we made soap!!!
Self Portraits
The children in Hedgehog class have been really concentrating on their observational drawing skills. They used a mirror to draw all their facial features correctly and in the right places! Can you guess which portrait belongs to which child?

Spring 2
Bugs and Blooms
Painted Lady Butterflies…..
Yes……for those of you that haven't looked on the YouTube site…..we have TWO beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. They are due to be released on Wednesday the 15th April so go to YouTube – 'Miss Debenham' to see what happens.
Have a look at what we are doing at home!
The Very Hungry CLASS Caterpillars!
Morning All! I wanted to make sure that our caterpillars were looked after, so I decided to take them home to watch them grow and so that you can watch them too! Hopefully I will be able to add photos and videos as they change. How long do you think it will take for the caterpillars to become Chrysalides?
    Click the butterfly for updates on the caterpillars!


IMG_3174      Click to watch the video of Day 6 – 18th March 2020




WOW! What an amazing adventure we had on our first Forest School. We had a glorious sunny day to explore the forest again. We searched for bugs, looked at different fungi around the area and made our own individual dens…with no help!
This week we have been learning the story of Easter through a multi-sensory story. We shared bread to consider The Last Supper. We washed our hands like Barrabas and shared a hollow chocolate egg to remind us of the empty tomb, thinking of New Life in this Christian Celebration.
Spring 1
Reverend Ben welcomed Hedgehog Class to St James the Less church this afternoon.  He explained all about baptisms and held a mock christening for baby Georgia.  We all found it very interesting.
A very busy term so far! We have been having so much fun inventing our own Winnie the Pooh stories! We can't wait to go to Ashdown Forest for Forest School next term!
In PE we have been working with our coach to develop our balance and jumping skills as well as our hockey skills – moving with the ball and striking the ball – it is a lot harder than you think!
Kandinsky – 'Concentric Circles' By Hedgehog Class 
The children have been learning about how the artist Vassili Kandinsky used HOT and COLD colours to create his paintings. The children worked in their sketchbooks to explore how to mix these types of colours and then created their own 'Concentric Circle'. The results are stunning!
WOW! What a very busy term! The children have all been very busy learning about the past and finished our topic with a Christmas Banquet! The children had a lot of fun following the recipe of 'Medieval Gingerbread' – the reviews were mixed! Most of the children prefer the modern version of Gingerbread, but they all had a sticky, messy and fun time exploring how to make the less tasty version!
In our super science starter for our Snap, Crackle and Pop topic,we had a SPARKLY time as well as learning about fire safety!  We had a brilliant exploration of fire!!
Autumn 1
Castles and Kingdoms
Hedgehog Class had a beautiful day to explore the wonderful Hever Castle.  All the children had private tours of specific rooms – the tour guides helped us to answer all of our questions about the castle and the kings and queens who lived there.



In our time travellers workshop the children dressed up as kings, queens, lords, ladies, merchants and peasants.  They had time to play game from long ago too.





In our free time we explored a new area of Hever – it's very own mini castle.  We explored the battlements and towers pretending to be knights, princes, kings and queens.  What an amazing adventure!


We are working very hard in Hedgehog Class – we have also been having lots of fun too!


We have begun making our very own shields – sadly not out of metal – they are all very unique!
IN PE we have been leanring football skills with our Sports Coach – Mr Dove. Our skills are really developing already.
Feel free to have a look at some of the Phonics Games we like to play in class – the 'Letters and Sounds' website has so many links to learn spellings of high frequency words, as well as playing games with sounds. Look at any games and resources from
'Phase 3' to 'Phase 5'
Letters and Sounds link: http://www.letters-and-sounds.com/




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